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So, I’ve been thinking; maybe I need a woman in my life. Actually, I think a woman needs me in her life. Having this many incredible qualities and no-one to share them with is just a waste. She’s going to be a very lucky doe, whoever she is.

I’ve been happy as a bachelor so far, but there comes a time in a bunny’s life when he needs to think about his future and start to settle down. It’d be nice to have a little lady to snuggle up to at night and share my nuggets with.

I’ve got a lot to offer the right girl, and I mean a lot. First of all, look at me. Have you ever seen a rabbit this good looking? Probably not. That should be enough on its own, but I’ve got charisma in spades, an amazing sense of humour and serious career prospects, what with my job as a shredder, my work as a freelance electrician and, of course, the modelling – have I mentioned what a looker I am?

I'm sexy and I know it.

I’m sexy and I know it.

As far as lifestyle is concerned, a bunny couldn’t ask for better. I live in a lovely cosy bedroom with my mummies (the puppy barks and trumps a bit, but he’s all right), I dine on only the best nuggets, there’s a constant supply of hay, and I get fresh fruit and veg every day. I’ve got loads of room to roam and have the run of our upstairs; there are a bunch of great places I’ve made my burrows, like under the telly and the guitar stands, and I’ve got a cracking run to stretch my legs and nibble grass in when the weather’s nice. I’ve got a cage with a view, which has served me well as a bachelor pad, but now I’m rattling around in that big old hutch, and I’m thinking it’s time to make it a cosy home for two.

The view of the from my hutch

The view of the from my hutch

I’m not too choosy, I’d be equally happy with a lady who was black, brown, white, striped, dotty, whatever! The only thing I ask is that she’s petite, not because I’m shallow, but because I’m only a kilo and I don’t want to be squashed in a cuddle gone bad. I’m an equal opportunities lover.

Obviously, my mummies have devastatingly good taste in bunnies as they chose me, so I’ve been leaving most of the search up to them. I’m keeping it under my hat, but I’m quite looking forward to having a warm, fluffy little body to share my cage and my life with.


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