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I’ve been fighting my feelings and trying to take things slow with my new lady. With the mummies I’ve always gone for a treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen kind of attitude, but my girl deserves better than that. She’s a delicate, furry little angel who will get only the best treatment.

The first night she was here I said “hello” through the bars of our separate abodes occasionally, and checked on her when she wasn’t looking to make sure she had everything she needed and wasn’t upset. I was really high up due to our set-up, so I wasn’t too in her face. She settled in perfectly, so the next day the mummies swapped our cages over so we were more level with one another and had a better view. It was great, we could chat a lot more, have a good sniff and wash for each other. She loves it when I do my face, I can tell.

After a few stolen moments through the bars I asked the mummies if maybe we could get a little bit closer outside. I told them that they could stay if they didn’t trust me, and let me know if I was going too fast or overstepped the mark. Luckily, they agreed and we went in my – sorry, OUR – run in the garden. I gave her her space and let her come to me, and then we just hopped around in the sunshine for a while. It was great! We explored a few tunnels – separately, of course; I wouldn’t want to crowd her – checked for escape routes (there weren’t any), and nibbled grass. She can’t half put it away!

We passed each other by a few times pretending not to notice (it’s a rabbit thing), had quite a few sniffs and followed one another about a bit until a rain cloud came and spoilt all our fun, but it was 8 minutes and 50 seconds of bunny bliss.

The next day we met on the landing and did much of the same, except she let me get a bit closer that time. I sniffed her a lot, and she smells wonderful – like hay and nuggets. When she let me get right up close I though I might be well in there, so I summoned up all my courage and went in for a kiss. Denied. I think I was moving a bit too fast, but later on she did give me nosies. It was waaaay different than when the mummies do it. Her nosies rock!

I know she likes me because she sleeps right up against the bars where our cages touch, and she looks for me when I’m out of sight. I can’t let myself think of that as a green light though, I have to respect her. No funny business, no circling and definitely no hair pulling.

We’re going to have a rendezvous on the landing again tomorrow, and if things go well I might invite her into my living room so she can have a sniff under the TV cabinet, and I can show her how to pick just the right time to pee on the sofa and leg it. That’s far more romantic than flowers, and she’d only eat them, right?


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Since Tucker arrived the mummies have been feeling a bit guilty beacause I now have to deal with his wind, his gob and his big ugly head gawping at me through the bars. I couldn’t care less, but I’m not telling them that, as Christmas comes once a week now!

I’ve had a few incidentals which aren’t worth mentioning (I know I sound ungrateful, but it’s true) but check out this little lot!

I got my very own wrecking ball. You know how much I love wrecking stuff.

Let's get wreckin'!

Let’s get wreckin’!

I liked it so much they bought me another wrecking ball!

I can nibble and wreck at the same time!

I can nibble and wreck at the same time!

Then I got this wicked cool tunnel…

On the run!

On the run!

…and look at this! An in-cage, living salad tray!

Obviously it's much better if you tip it out all over the carpet.

Obviously it’s much better if you tip it out all over the carpet.

And let’s not forget the best gift of them all.

You can't see my face because she was snogging it off.

You can’t see my face because she was snogging it off.

I’m going to practice my unhappy face and leave some pet shop tabs open.

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