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Hello readers – all 3 of you, I expect! I’m Tino, and I thought it was about time that I got into this blogging lark. I’ve made a lot of canine friends online lately, I love reading about their daily happenings, their points of view and the mischief they get themselves into, and thought people might enjoy reading about the trouble I cause too. I might not be as big as them, or have as many teeth, but I have to say, where mischief and mayhem are concerned, I can claim some serious bragging rights. There was the time I jumped in a pot of green paint, the time I decided I fancied a bubble bath, I’ve even binned myself on a couple of occasions! I could regale you with numerous tales of me getting under beds and sofas… Needless to say, I’m a pro.

Well, you already know my name, but I suppose I should introduce myself properly. What else do you need to know? I turned 2 a couple of weeks ago and I live on the South Coast in Hampshire. I only know this because I’ve been told; I’ve never been to the beach to have it proved to me, I’m only allowed in the garden and on twice yearly visits to the V-E-T. I’ve got 2 mummies, and we all live in a very multi-cultural household with the other pets. There’s Suki and Maxi, they’re Indian Ringneck parakeets;

Maxi and Suki

Frodo the Chinese Dwarf Hamster (although he prefers the term ‘height-challenged’),


fish from all over the Indian and Pacific Oceans;

View of the tank from my hutch

I’m a Netherlands Dwarf,

Me looking grumpy when I binned myself

and one of my mummies is German!

My German mummy, Mummy J.

We all get along famously (well, Frodo and I have strained relations – it’s a long story), and although we all originate from different countries and cultures from around the world we all share the same core values, respect one another (except Frodo – not to labour a point!) and love each other very much, which is all that counts. It helps that we all speak English too (except the fish. I’m not confident that they speak at all; it’s hard to tell through all that glass and water), I know technically I’m Dutch but the language is all Double Dutch to me! I’m a Fareham boy, born and raised.

Well, I think I’ve wittered on enough for one day; thank you for taking the time to come and meet me. I’ll be back tomorrow to report on the latest goings on from my part of the world!


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